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Synonyms: Haemangioma

Angioma is a benign dilatation of a blood vessel of the skin.

How it develops?

It develops as a thickening of the blood vessel wall, which makes it permanently dilatated and visible.

Symptoms and signs

Red changes on the skin in the form of dots, flush with the skin or slightly elevated, from 2 to 10mm in size.

They commonly appear after age of 20.

How is it diagnosed?

By clinical examination and dermoscopy..

How is it removed?

They can be removed in various ways:

  1. LASER
  2. Radiofrequency surgery
  3. Surgical excision

Risk factors and prevention

It is usually considered that they can be associated with genetics. Excessive sun exposure can affect the formation of angiomas..

The only known preventive measure is appropriate sun protection, but that will not be able to solve the problem of new angiomas forming on a person with a predisposition..

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to remove it?

No, we remove only those angiomas that are often injured or that present as an esthetic problem.

In injuring an angioma dangerous?

No, injuring it can only cause bleeding from this skin lesion. Any bleeding of this kind can easily be stopped by applying pressure to the bleeding spot for 5 to 10 minutes.

What is the best way to remove angiomas?

A vascular laser is the simplest, most effective way to remove this kind of skin lesions.

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