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Basal Cell Carcinoma of the skin

Sinonimi: BCC, Basalioma, Epithelioma, Non-melanoma skin cancer

What is skin BCC?

BCC is a kind of skin carcinoma which develops in the epidermis. BCC is the most common carcinoma of the human population, it develops slowly, it’s locally invasive and metastasizes relatively rarely.

BCC on the forehead skin

Dermoscopic finding

How does BCC develop?

Skiin BCC develops from damaging the keratocitnih ćelija on their DNA level. Genetic predisposition and skin damage originating from excessive UV radiation are the two most important reasons for developing skin BCC. This process begins at birth, with the first exposure to the Sun, skin UV radiation damages get accumulated and eventually lead to developing skin BCC.

BCC of nose skin

Dermoscopic finding

What are the first signs of skin BCC?

Appearance of a reddish spot, or a skin lesion like a light or pinkish nodule with a flaking crust are often the first signs that can be noted.

Skin BCC in the form of
a “reddish spot”

Dermoscopic finding

Skin BCC In the form
of a “light nodule with crust”

Dermoscopic finding

Skin BCC in the form
of a “pinkish oval formation
with an elevated ridge”

Dermoscopic finding

Skin BCC in the form of
a “light scar”

Dermoscopic finding

Skin BCC In the form
of a “wound”

Dermoscopic finding

Is there a sex, age or body region specificity?

BCC is a carcinoma that is more common in men than in women, but over the last 20 years that gap seems to be closing. Number of cases involving young people is also increasing. Still, the probability of it occurring is greatest after the age of 50. It’s usually located on Sun exposed regions: face, forehead, hands and back, but BCC can occur on any other skin region of the body.

How dangerous is it?

Skin BCC metastasizes relatively rarely. In comparison to other carcinomas, on any region or organ, skin BCC has arguably the lowest metastatic potential. For that reason, You will often hear the claim, even from doctors that deal with carcinomas, that it’s not dangerous because “it can’t metastasize”. Probability of metastasis is between 0,0028% to 0.5%.. However, with skin BCCs that are not adequately treated, that last for years and slowly grow, the probability of metastasizing grows with their size, so it rises to 2% with skin BCCs greater than 3cm, 25% with skin BCCs greater than 5cm, and to 50% with skin BCCs greater than 10cm in diameter.

Is ti curable?

Skin BCC is completely curable in all cases when it’s diagnosed and treated in a timely manner.

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