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Do You have an atypical mole?

Welcome to the ORS self-diagnosis test. Answer the following 5 questions and learn if You have an atypical mole or not..

This is a very simple and reliable way of determining if You have a mole for examination. If based on this analysis, You determine that Your mole belongs to the group of atypical moles, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s suspicious, let alone it being a melanoma. Of course, the best choice of Your examination is a one with Your doctor, or a dermoscopy in a specialized health facility that deals with moles.

Based on your mole physical shape you can easily determine if your mole needs a specialized diagnostics. Answer the following 5 questions and you will get automated answer and recommendation about your mole

You can measure the diameter with a ruler. In round and oval moles, both diameters are the same (horizontal and vertical). In elongated moles, You make the decision based on the longer diameter.

Do You have a mole larger than 6 mm in diameter?

You can see the following colors in moles by the naked eye: black, dark brown, light brown, blue-gray, red and white.

Do You have a mole in which You can clearly see 2 or more colours?

You can judge the symmetry in the following manner:

  • Compare the lower half with the upper half, and then compare the side halves
  • With an asymmetrical mole, there is a difference in shape or color, either horizontally or vertically.

Is Your mole asymmetrical?

Discontinued border is noticed as an unclearly defined transition between the mole and the surrounding healthy skin, or as a jagged border of the mole.

Do You have a mole with a discontinued border?

A unique mole looks like no other mole on Your skin. It differs from the rest in color, size, or shape, and doesn’t resemble any other mole on Your body. Briefly, it’s a mole "without relatives".

Do You have a "unique" mole?

The test is finished.

Click the button to see Your results and the doctor’s recommendations..

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