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Basic Information About Dermoscopy

What is dermoscopy?

Dermoscopy is a diagnostic method for early melanoma and skin cancer detection and examining moles and other pigmented skin lesions. Dermoscopy is a painless, non-invasive method, where based on microscopical analysis of a skin lesion, through multiple layers of the skin, a precise diagnosis of 92 to 99% accuracy can be made.

Basic application for dermoscopy ?

Early melanoma diagnostics is the fundamental indication for dermoscopy application. Before the age of dermoscopy, it was impossible to detect melanoma in it’s early stage, in which a complete cure is achievable. Melanoma could only be detected at a late stage, by simple clinical examination or random biopsies. Over the last 15 years, dermoscopy has widely opened the doors of possibility for curing melanoma.

Melanoma - clinical appearance and dermoscopy

Where else is dermoscopy used?

Other skin lesions that are diagnosed by dermoscopy are:

Mole - clinical appearance and dermoscopy

Basal cell carcinoma of the skin - clinical appearance and dermoscopy

Seborrheic keratosis - clinical appearance and dermoscopy

Angioma - clinical appearance and dermoscopy

Dermatofibroma - clinical appearance and dermoscopy

Brief history of dermoscopy

Dermoscopy in Serbia
Serbian dermoscopy association was founded on Feb 17 2002 by a group of enthusiast doctors. Starting then, through it’s dermoscopy courses and seminars, over 300 doctors have been educated in dermoscopy. Dermoscopy is a diagnostic method that has found life in many health facilities all over Serbia.

Dermoscopy in the Balkans
Balkan dermoscopy association was founded on Jan 30 2011 in Belgrade. The essential task of the association is to further develop dermoscopy in the Balkans..

Dermoscopy in the world
Dermoscopy was established as a diagnostic method in February 2001 at the First Dermoscopy World Congress. After that congress, we have started our efforts in forming the International Dermoscopy Society – IDS. Since then, IDS has organized 2 Dermoscopy World Congresses, practically spreading it throughout the whole world.

Key dermoscopic references

  • Dermoscopy Key Points: Recommendations from the International Dermoscopy Society. Vol. 214, No. 1, 2007
  • Accuracy in melanoma detection: A 10-year multicenter survey. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2011
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