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Dermoscopic experience at ORS Hospital

Dermoscopic experience at ORS Hospital in the 1997 – 2011 period

Patients 10.900
Skin tumors total 200.000
Dermoscopied tumors 32.700
Malenomas 313
Skin BCC 1252
Diagnostic accuracy 99, 7 %
Dermoscopic experience at ORS Hospital 1997 -2010

In August 1997, we did the first dermoscopic examination, at the then Center for skin tumors, Aesthetic & Hand Center in Pancevo, which grows into ORS Hospital in Belgrade1 during 2002. Over this time period, we have seen over 10 900 patients

Comment to the table : Small number of patients has had less than 10 or more than a 100 skin lesions on the body. The vast majority had between 10 and 50 skin lesions. On average, 3 skin lesions per patient were dermoscopically analyzed. 1565 skin carcinomas have been diagnosed in this time, of which 313 were melanomas. Over the last 2 years, the accuracy of dermoscopic diagnosis was 99.7% when compared to histopathological diagnosis.

Teledermoscopic experience at ORS Hospital in the 2009 – 2011 period

Patients 2000
Dermoscopied tumors 6.500
Melanomas 40
Skin BCC 144
Teledermoscopic experience at ORS Hospital 2009-2011

The first Teledermoscopic network has started working in June 2009, under the coverage of The Ministry of Science and Technological development of the Republic of Serbia, within the project No. 451-01-00065/2008-01/51, named Digital multispectral dermoscope for early pigmented skin lesion and melanoma diagnosis.

4 Health facilities and a total of 9 doctors are members of the network. Teledermoscopic network provides fast and efficient early diagnostics, consultations and permanent education. Two fundamental characteristics are accented over this period: 40% of early diagnosed melanomas, and great doctor enthusiasm regarding the application of this technology.

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