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Hemangioma (in children)

Sinonimi: Cavernous hemangioma, Strawberry nevus, Haemangioma

Hemangiomas in child age are benign lesions which originate from the skin blood vessels.

How does it develop?

It develops by multiplication of cells that line the inside of the blood vessels (endothelial cells). This multiplication can develop under the influence of hormones, cell growth factors, mechanical stimuli but also under a relative lack of oxygen at some point during pregnancy.

Symptoms and signs

Hemangiomas appear as red lesions on the skin, varying in shape and sizes. They usually occur on the head and neck, but they can be found on any part of the body. They can be level with the skin, or elevated. They appear in both sexes equally. They don’t hurt and they are rarely a cause of functional impairment. Most often they present an esthetically-social problem for the child, as for the parents.

The majority of them gradually disappear during early childhood, especially those flush with the skin. Others, yet remain for the lifetime. .

How is it diagnosed?

By clinical examination and palpation of the lesion, other diagnostic procedures like utrasound, magnetic resonance, CAT, or biopsy are rarely needed.

Kako se uklanja?

The decision to remove them should not be made hastily, some of them do tend to go away by themselves during early childhood, so a wait may be worthwhile.

For those that do not disappear by themselves, there are treatments that can significantly reduce them, and even completely erradicate some of them.

1.Non-surgical treatment: corticosteroids, interferon Alfa, propranolol...

2. Surgical treatment - Laser

Risk factors and prevention

It is considered that they can be genetics related.

There are no known prevention options. .

Frequently asked questions

Da li ga moram ukloniti?

Ne, uklanjamo samo one hemangiome koje često povređujete ili koji vam stvaraju estetske problem.

Da li je opasno povređivanje hemangioma?

Ne, povređivanjem može samo doći do krvarenja ove kožne promene. Svako krverenje ovog tipa možete zaustaviti pritiskom na krvareće mesto u trajanju od 5 – 10 min.

Kako se najbolje uklanjaju hemangiomi?

Vaskularnim laserom se najjednostavnije i najefikasnije uklanjaju ove kožne promene.

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