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Carpal tunnel syndrome

This syndrome presents as a tingling sensation and pain in the first 3 fingers of the hand, as a consequence of pressure to the nerv in charge of sensitivity and function of these fingers

How does it develop?

The exact reason for developing this syndrome is unknown.

The syndrome develops when the volume of the canal through which the nerve (N. Medianus) is passing gets reduced. The dimensions of the canal can be reduced if there is an inflammation of some of the adjacent structures, with the accompanying swelling, as well as if there are any growths (tumefactions) present. This condition is common in people who have sustained injuries to the hand and in manual workers.

Symptoms and signs

Symptoms that patients are usually complaining of are:

  • Tingling and “Pricking" in the tips of the fingers
  • Pain
  • “Numbness” of the fingers
  • “Weakness” of the hand
  • Clumsiness
  • Dryness of the skin of the palm and fingers


How is it diagnosed?

Diagnosis is set by a clinical examination with some specific clinical test performed by the physician.

If the problem is repeating, an EMNG (electro-myo-neurography) is necessary in order to assess the function of the nerve .

How is it treated?

Above all, resting the hand is important, with using pain medication.

Further treatment can be non-surgical and surgical.


  • immobilization
  • steroid injection


  • Incision and „release“ of the carpal ligament
  • Endoscopic “release” of the carpal ligament
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